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Voice Samples

Short\Simple Voice Samples
Voice and Audio Samples

Just a short collection of samples taken from the longer demo material below, including new and older work, both published and otherwise.

Science Fiction and Fantasy
Under a Dark Sky: A Gritty Science Fiction Thriller| Johan M. Dahlgren

The science fiction\fantasy novel Under a Dark Sky, (Worldburner Book1) by Johan M. Dahlgren, brings us this almost noir-like sample. (Includes profanity.)

Space for Hire| William F. Nolan

This is a short sample reading from "Space for Hire", by William F. Nolan. Not just an older recording, but the first thing I recorded when I began voice work. This is a science fiction, noir,comedy novel from the author of "Logan's Run". There are three speaking parts in this section including Sam Space, the damsel, and a drunk Irishman.

Last Days of Thronas| Stuart J. Byrne

A short passage from the first chapter of the 50s pulp science fiction\fantasy classic Last Days of Thronas by Stuart J. Byrne. My first commercially available audio book. Mostly narration with a brief appearance by the hero, and the guards who would like to capture him.

Purchase here - Audible - Last Days of Thronas

Good Omens| Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

A short reading from the prologue for the Neil Gaiman\Terry Pratchett fantasy novel "Good Omens". We hear a conversation between two angels at the gates of the Garden of Eden. 

The Red Heir (World Reborn Book 1)| Holden R. Johnson

A brief reading from the sci-fi\fantasy novel The Red Heir, by Holden R. Johnson, a book that I am currently producing. This reading is from the prologue and includes a conflict between a young Loren boy and one of the powerful people responsible for his enslavement. 

Moving Pictures (A Discworld Book) | Terry Pratchett

A reading from the introduction to the book, in which an old man dies and meets Death.

The Camera Never Blinks| Dan Rather

A reading from the introduction to former CBS news correspondent and American journalist Dan Rather's autobiography.  This piece begins a discussion of events occurring between the Watergate break in and the resignation of President Nixon.

Microsoft Excel 2019 User Guide: Quick and Easy Ways to Master Excel Like a Pro | Michael Philip

A sample passage from the MS Excel user guide, written by Michael Philip, which a narrated and produced in 2019.

Purchase here - Audible - Microsoft Excel 2019 User Guide

Epic Zero Book One - Tales of a Not-So-Super 6th Grader| R. L. Ullman

This sample includes audio from several different sections of the book. This series is science fiction and adventure for young readers. The audio here is from the version of this book which I completed for Learning Ally, and was my first audio book. Several characters appear in these sections including male, female, and alien.

Learning Ally produces audiobooks for struggling readers. Below is a sample of their product using my production of this book.

The Wind Guardian| Frank Scozzari

This is a short selection in chapter 1 from my audio book production of the  Frank Scozzari thriller The Wind Guardian.

Purchase here - Audible - The Wind Guardian

The Last Book You'll Ever Read| Scott Hughes

This is a piece from the story eXhaurio, Inc., one of five stories included in The Last Book You’ll Ever Read, by Scott Hughes. In this sample computer problems take an unexpected turn.

The Historian| Elizabeth Kostova

This piece is from the introduction to the Elizabeth Kostova horror, mystery, and vampire novel "The Historian". In this section we hear the voices of both the female protagonist and her father.

They Tell Me You Are Brutal (Duncan Cochrane Book 3) | David Hagerty

A sample from my production of They Tell Me You Are Brutal, book three in the Duncan Cochrane series by David Hagerty. In this piece Duncan addresses the media after learning of recent deaths in Chicago. Look for an audio version of book four, They Tell Me You Are Cunning, coming soon.

Purchase here - Audible - They Tell Me You Are Brutal

Ghost Train| Stephen Laws

A short piece from the horror novel by Stephen Laws, Ghost Train.

The Glory of Their Times |Lawrence S. Ritter
A reading from the original introduction to The Glory of Their Times, by Lawrence S. Ritter. This is a book telling the story of the early days of baseball through the voices of those who played the game during those times.
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty| James Thurber

The clip is a piece from the classic James Thurber short story "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty".  Here Walter Mitty, in melodramatic fashion, imagines himself a famous naval commander. 

A Confederacy of Dunces| John Kennedy Toole

A short reflection in the voice of Ignatius J. Reilly, the protagonist of John Kennedy Toole's tragicomedy, "A Confederacy of Dunces". In this piece Ignatius considers his circumstances while waiting for his mother.

Expensive Janitor: True Stories of a Trial Lawyer| David N. Pauly

In this clip we hear from David, a lawyer in Albuquerque, New Mexico, who tells us the truth about his profession in the comedic story Expensive Janitor: True Stories of a Trial Lawyer, by David N. Pauly.

Black Hat Blues | Brian L. Knutson

A brief sample reading from the book Black Hat Blues, by Brian L. Knutson. In this piece comic creator Mark dreams of his childhood, accompanied by Scratch, his most evil comic creation.

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