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What People Are Saying

Authors and Rights Holders

" are professional, versatile and production-oriented. You completed a fairly complex project more than a month ahead of schedule without any errors. Whereas the above are attributes one should expect from a professional narrator, the reality is that few embody them to the degree that you do."

"Tim was a real pleasure to work with-- his attention to detail, clean and engaging voice, and dramatic presentation made for an amazing audiobook! And all delivered promptly and courteously...Tim's a true professional!"

"Not only was your work amazing, but I felt new life in the book that I have spent so much time pouring over and working hard on."


" I enjoyed the pulp fiction, especially the narrator. Tim Harper did the dialogue and narration in the style of 1950’s radio and the good old Saturday matinees. I hope to hear more of Mr Harper’s work, Stellar!"

"The performance is excellent, well-paced, and serves the story well. All the characters are distinct and fun to listen to. The narrator does a great job making the story come alive in the mind of the reader. Definitely want to hear more from this narrator."

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